Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tips And Tricks For Successful Fishing For Snapper

Have you ever failed to fishing because of the location is not predictable so that your plan does not work? For example in the sea, you neglect to read the clouds so that rain and storms, so the fishing plan to fail. Or perhaps you come from far away fishing in a river but after you until the location of the target fish you want is not there.
Have you ever expect to get fish bait according to the desired target?
Have you ever given a lot of characteristics of the waters of which have the possibility of a chance of fish you're targeting?

Perch has the ability to adapt quickly to the conditions of brackish waters to the salty waters (sea) or vice versa. So often, a white snapper anglers to get on the river with a variety of sizes.
This usually happens because the system did allow such salinity.Specific fish food consisting of small fish and crustaceans.

Characteristics of habitats where snapper River, among others:

 1. River width, has a section of wet surfaces such as 30 meters, with enough depth to fish size 5kg(I gather around a depth of 5 meters is enough to make the possibility of large migratory fish or live)
2. Continuous flow of water.(Not too common or flood waters from a higher location)
3. Type of water salinity: brackish water or sea water intrusion tide. As far as the sea water can reach the river tide on land, so far as fishing predator fish that can be done first class.
4. Relatively clean river water color can be green (algae) or yellow or brown (tea-like water).
5. Being in the depths (basin / into the river on a path).

The ideal location for river habitat and white snapper:
- The river is relatively free from impurities such as trash and floating timber. (You will never find this perch in the river water is a lot of junk, this fish is considered a clean voter location).
- Location of many milestones, pierced or mangrove wood, the former bridge or bridges in the pile cap.
- When there is activity in the river channel loading and unloading activities or cruise, you will be better fishing around the location of activities in the upstream (toward the ocean).
- When fishing in river edge plant ferns, you should browse to the location of bodies that have a deep river with deep and wide positions.
(If you get this fish in fishing when you do, then visit this site about 1-2 months later because the more often you visit again, the more time you useless waste. ... Hmm ... mm.'d Better like fishing in a river planting and harvesting> create their own river fishing location and entrance not too known to many people)
- When fishing in a river with banks of stone or wooden pillar, look for water depths in and my advice should be part of your positions downstream (above), try to bait moving between upstream and downstream around the bottom.
- If the mouth of the river channel narrows and there are wooden dike, levee or right rock left the stony hard texture of the soil then you should just fishing around the estuary, not far from the estuary. (My message is: if the night fishing at the mouth of the river you should simply stay alert and pay attention to each other remain your friend's fishing position.) 

Additional equipment:
Besides fishing, the equipment should you bring when fishing in the river which is very important you take it (especially if you have not been fishing in these locations before) is:

* Small Machetes> to open the land / location.
* Rubber shoes or safety shoes> for the protection of feet against the twigs, branches dry when you run along the river
Tobacco * Cigarettes / tobacco leaf> watch this stuff when exposed to leeches, water can release a mixture of tobacco-sucking leeches mouth
Fishing methods:Feed My recommendation: live white shrimp / eel living / small whole squid
Fishing methods are appropriate:

* Fly fishing
- The feed that you wear a little larger than usual bait used in the sea. For example: Bait fishing in the sea wearing a white shrimp is 10-12 cm in the river / estuary could be used size 15cm.- Put the leader along the line with alternating 80 40cm, jointed directly with swivell. Bait is only allowed 1 bait.- We recommend that the more often you do a lift down the bait a few times. (Tired of it if fishing in the river continues to drop ... lift ..)

* Fishing with lead weights.
Try to position the bait at a height of 75 cm to 1 meter above the pendulum. The pendulum should not be too heavy.

nice perch fishing tips are successful. survivors get perch today.


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