Thursday, January 21, 2010


To increase your fishing skill, you should consider in buying a rod. you should consider several things as follows:
1. Rod Weight

Weight also should be our concern. Fiberglass rod was strong, but quite heavy, while the lightweight carbon rod, but more brittle than fiberglass rod. But for this

casting, we should prefer a light, because it will make us not get tired easily.
2. Handle / Grip

Handle This basically have 3 types, that handle short, medium and long. This short rod, usually used for single-hand casting (casting with one hand), and the long-hand for double casting (casting with 2 hands). Being a medium, usually for single-hand casting, but the position of the tip of the longer rod will help us take the weight of rod, especially when the fight with the fish. In addition, the handles have what is called a "reel sheet" aka reel holder. We must know first, what are we going to reel life. If we want to wear Spinning Reel, rod must also be adjusted, so if we use the temple reel.
3. One piece rod

The best casting rod

, the rod which is actually only 1 rod only, aka no connection. But, for the rod more than 1.8 meters long, it is rather difficult if we are forced to use a "one piece" that. Well, for a long rod, it would be better if we chose the 2 pieces to the long rod about 3 m, or 3 pieces for a longer rod again.
4. Fast Tapper, Tapper Slow

Rod is an outline of existing types Fast and Slow Tapper Tapper. tapper like speed action on the rod in response to our movement when we hit the rod at the time of "hits" or lure fish struck. This fast-tapper rod at the base tend to be hard to central rod, a new kind of limp / bending at the ends, is a slow tapper tend to start from the tip of the rod bending near the handle / grip. Rodfast tapper tend to be more easily used, because with this rod you can cast further and when we pull the rod response is also quite fast.
These are tips from me. hopefully the skill fishing you rise.


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