Friday, January 15, 2010

Tips For Choosing a Cheap Fishing Line

For hobbies fishing or fishing trips in various places, one of the most vital tool is a fishing rod string. In order that does not end when we are struck by the fish bait, surely we must choose the right string and quality fishing.
Line itself, is a rope made of special material used for fishing. In this Line strings or hooks, floats, sinker and other accessories are placed.
There are two parts of the string that is the main line and hook line. The use of strings, we must also adjust with the goal or what we want to get when we are fishing, whether small fish or large fish. Of the types of fish are we going fishing this is the diameter of the strings, we adjust.

The first thing you need to know in choosing the string is the quality of materials such strings, each string has a particular characteristic. The better the quality of the strings that we use, it is definitely more expensive.

Strings are good to have a stable quality. A good string is made from quality ingredients, using a good machine and with the process and quality control is good too. String referred to is stability if designed with a strict quality control, such as diameter, strength (strength), strength of tie strings (knots strength), the extension of the string at the time of withdrawal (elongation), flexible power (flexibility) and frictional resistance (Abrasion Resistance)
Fishing Types of Strings in the market there are two namely monofilament and Multifilament. Monofilament is a string with fibers (filament), single base material made of nylon. While Multifilament Strings that are have a lot of fiber. This type of rough surface of the strings, not as smooth as strings of nylon material. Strings of this type of most used angler fishing a hobby and is usually used for the race.
Apart from the Type, String Fishing is also distinguished from its characteristics. Here is a characteristic fishing Strings:
Strength (strength): How can the string can withstand the load. Strength test was conducted using a universal testing machine with a pull string 50 cm long with a pull speed of 200 mm in a minute, then the string is tested until the end to see the maximum strength.
Strings Tie Strength (knots strength): The Power tied the knot, where the strings would break up knotted. Strength generally measured by the kilograms (pounds). Knot strength tests conducted with the test string with a knot strength in the middle of the string to be tested, until the strings break at the knot.
Extension of Strings On When Pulled (elongation): Strings will have an extension / elongation at the time of pulling the load, until the maximum point of the string can not be stretched anymore. Tests carried out by pulling strings to the point of maximal strings would break.

Stringed Resistance (Abrasion resistance): Strings that are not easily eroded / abrasion when hit by a rock, a guide on the rod string and place the string on the real road. Tests done by rubbing the strings until the end by using sandpaper round and counted the number of spins. More and more number of rounds, showing more resistance to friction strings.
Flexibility (flexibility): Resistance strings when bent. Tests carried out by measuring the resistance at the bend strings. The bigger the string the more rigid resistance show. III. Can be Measured Using the power of Strings:
Fishing strings, we can test in two ways. That is by using string and Manual Testing Equipment. Testing Instrument Strings in the form of a special machine to test strings. Accuracy testing using a tool, compared with manually, higher.
Measurements manually, we could do with wearing a pair of scales, then the string is pulled (the scales indicate a figure) until the string is broken.
We can also distinguish rod from its packaging strings, ie strings and Strings Commercial Interests.
Commercial strings, a string Packaging sold for the use of more economical and less attention to quality as compared with the string hobby. Normally use this string for a living / profit and is used for the purposes of fishermen making / mending nets.
Commercial string is divided into two types namely the form of Strings Strings Wrap the roll without spool in a plastic packet with information on the strength (lbs), diameter (mm) and length of string (m), while the string pack is a collection of strings Strings Pak packs, which are sold in the form pack weighed 4.5 kg weight.
Strings Strings Hobbies is the marketing is directed to the person who has a hobby of fishing. This string is more priority on quality such as strength and diameter. This string is divided into two types namely the form of Strings Strings Rol Meter spool rolls, with information on the strength (lbs), the diameter and length of the string and the form of Strings Strings Heavy Rolling rolls with spool and information power (lbs), diameter, length strings.
Various types of strings have been described. Now to select the strings have tipsnya. First, when choosing a string we must know in advance the purpose, whether for commercial or hobby purposes. If for commercial purposes, then select the strings are not as complicated as choosing strings for a hobby.
In contrast to the hobby, many things must be considered in selecting, such as what to look for fish, the type of fishing (troling, spinning and other cloth) for the race or not, strength (power) in units of lbs (pounds) or kilograms (kg) and diameter . Good pick!


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